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For over 17 years, Sandford and Sons Services have been the go-to experts in Kearney, NE for top-notch drain cleaning solutions. Offering convenient payment plans, their 24/7 availability ensures swift assistance whenever you need it. Their stellar reputation is evident in glowing customer reviews, reflecting their commitment to excellence.

Sandford and Sons specialize in tackling even the toughest clogs, ensuring your drains run smoothly. Experience reliable and efficient service from a trusted team dedicated to resolving your drainage issues promptly. Trust Sandford and Sons for exceptional drain cleaning services that prioritize quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction in Kearney, NE.

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5 Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning

  1. Sluggish Draining: When water seems to linger longer than usual in your sink, shower, or bathtub before draining away, it may suggest a potential blockage forming in the pipes. This sluggish drainage often arises from the accumulation of debris, hindering the smooth flow of water.
  2. Unpleasant Odors: If you detect unpleasant smells wafting from your drains, it's likely indicative of organic matter decomposing within the plumbing. Over time, substances like food remnants, grease, and hair can accumulate, fostering bacterial growth and emitting foul odors.
  3. Strange Sounds: Should you hear odd gurgling or bubbling noises emanating from your drains during regular usage, it could signal trapped air within the pipes, often due to an obstruction. This trapped air disrupts the normal water flow, resulting in unusual sounds.
  4. Water Backups: Instances of water backing up into sinks, showers, or toilets are clear indications of a blockage somewhere in the plumbing system. Such backups can stem from various causes, including debris buildup, tree roots encroaching into pipes, or even a collapsed sewer line.
  5. Visible Clog Indicators: At times, you might observe visible signs of a clog near the drain openings, such as water pooling around the sink or bathtub. Moreover, the accumulation of hair, soap residue, or food particles near the drain often contributes to blockages.

Regular maintenance, including drain cleaning, can mitigate these issues and ensure the smooth operation of your plumbing system. Addressing any of these signs promptly can prevent more significant problems in the future.

What Are the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners can be harmful because they contain strong and harsh chemicals like lye or sulfuric acid. These chemicals can cause skin and eye irritation or burns if they touch your skin or eyes accidentally. Moreover, if used incorrectly or excessively, they might damage your pipes, especially if they're old or made of certain materials like PVC or older metal pipes.

Additionally, the fumes released by these cleaners can be harmful to breathe in, causing respiratory issues if inhaled. It's important to be cautious and consider alternative methods like using a plunger or seeking professional help to avoid these risks.

Preventative Maintenance for Clog-Free Drains

Don't wait for a clogged drain to disrupt your daily routine. Our professional drain cleaning services not only clear existing clogs but also offer preventative maintenance to keep your drains flowing smoothly. Regular drain maintenance can help prevent clogs, slow drainage, and unpleasant odors, saving you time and money in the long run.

Benefits of preventative drain maintenance include:

  • Reduced risk of clogs and blockages
  • Improved drainage and water flow
  • Prevention of foul odors and bacteria buildup
  • Extended lifespan of your plumbing system
  • Peace of mind and convenience

Don't wait for a problem to arise - schedule preventative drain maintenance with Sandford and Sons Services today!

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I tell if I need professional drain cleaning services?

You may need professional drain cleaning services if you notice signs such as sluggish draining, unpleasant odors, strange sounds, water backups, or visible clog indicators like pooling water around drains. These symptoms suggest blockages that could lead to more significant issues if not addressed promptly. Sandford and Sons Services can help resolve these problems and prevent future complications with their expert drain cleaning services.

Why should I avoid using chemical drain cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners should be used with caution as they contain potent chemicals that can cause skin and eye irritation or burns upon contact. They can also damage your plumbing if used incorrectly or excessively, particularly with older or PVC pipes. The fumes from these cleaners can be harmful to inhale, potentially causing respiratory issues. It's safer to use alternative methods or seek professional drain cleaning services to avoid these risks.


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